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Effortless Fabric Control

Cutie Frame


Normally $1199.95

The Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame allows you to quilt to your heart's content in a much easier way, managing your fabric for you so you can enjoy the process more.

Q-Zone Hoop Frame


Normally $1699.95

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is a whole new type of machine-quilting frame that easily manages fabric like a simple hoop. With its small space-saving design you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects!

Q-Zone Queen Frame


Normally $1899.95

The Q-Zone Queen is a high-quality machine quilting frame at an affordable price. This frame features a simplified 2-rail system and includes Quilt Clips for easy fabric control.

Continuum II Frame


With steel and cast–alloy components, the Continuum II Frame is one of the sturdiest and longest–lasting frames ever made. It is a modular frame with many available configurations and accessories.

Evolution Hoop Frame


Normally $2699.95

When you’re ready for the next stage of quilting, nothing is going to get in your way. As an experienced quilter, you can quilt in comfort with the best tools that match your space.

Evolution Elite Frame


What could you accomplish if you could quilt without limits? With the Quilter’s Evolution Hoop-Frame, you can find out. This innovative frame breaks boundaries like never before!

Easy, Powerful Quilting

Q'nique 16X Manual


While other quilters take the time to adjust extra settings, you’re ready to go with the push of a button. With the simplicity of manual control, you can take your quilting into your own hands.

Q'nique 16X


The Q’nique 16X brings your quilting dreams into focus so you can take your projects to the next level.

Q'nique 16X Elite


This machine comes fully equipped with the tools you need in a user-friendly package to great the ultimate quilting experience.

Q'nique 19X


The Q'nique 19X quilting machine offers extended reach, user-friendly technology, and a comfortable, approachable feel that work together to create an excellent quilting experience.

Q'nique 19X Elite


The Q'nique 19X Elite quilting machine gives you an extended reach, impressive technology, and useful features all in an approachable size that feels like your home sewing machine.

Q'nique 21X Elite


Quilters spoke, and we listened! This machine has been designed with the utmost attention to detail to solve quilters’ most frustrating problems and make quilting as enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Q’nique Combo Sale

Free Accessory pack with any machine purchase - worth over $1000 - Light Bar, Ruler Base, 3 piece hopping foot, 3 Leah day rulers, 1.5" Mini Quilt Clips, Pack of bobbins, set of needles size 18

Quilting Done Right

QCT5 - Beginnings


QCT5 Beginnings is a budget-friendly automated system that offers all of the essential features of computerized quilting.

QCT5 - Pro


QCT5 Pro gives you more creative control over your quilted patterns. Design and edit any pattern, even trace them from your favorite photographs. Create simple or intricate pantographs, and so much more!

QCT5 - Upgrade


If you already have QCT5 Beginnings and are enjoying its features, upgrading to QCT5 Pro could be a logical next step in your quilting journey!

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