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Stitch-in-the-ditch made easy.

Introducing the rotating hopping foot that makes stitching in the ditch and pattern echoing a breeze.

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360 Wonderfoot


Do you wish there were an easier way to quilt without having to rely as much on a ruler? Look no further than the 360 Wonderfoot!

This hopping foot makes tasks like stitching in the ditch, offsetting stitch lines, and pattern tracing easy and fun. With full 360 ° rotation and five interchangeable inserts, the Wonderfoot helps you make beautiful stitch work with less effort.

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Five Easily Swappable Inserts

Perfect for "stitch-in-the-ditch," offset line stitching, tracing designs, and even echoing organic curves and patterns. The insert guidelines help you stay on track, eliminating the need for a ruler.

Stitch In The Ditch insert
Quarter inch offset insert
Thrree eighths inch offset insert
quarter inch circle insert
Tracing Insert

360° Rotation

The Wonderfoot rotates as you move your machine, turning automatically to accommodate every corner and curve. This makes stitching curved lines and patterns so much easier!


These printable test patterns will help you get comfortable with using the Wonderfoot and each of its five inserts.