MyComfort Cutter

The ultimate ergonomic rotary cutter

Comfort Curve Grip

The comfort curve grip of the MyComfort Cutter is designed to give you the most natural cutting experience ever.

Traditional rotary cutters require you to bend your wrist or put unnatural strain on your muscles and tendons in your hand, fingers, and wrist.

The MyComfort Cutter aligns naturally with your arm as you cut, relieving stress in your wrist, arm, and shoulder, even over extended periods of cutting!

Ergonomic Handle Design

The innovative power in the MyComfort Cutter's design is its simplicity. The handle is really the same kind of handle as a traditional rotary cutter, but by moving the head of the cutter right below the point of the most cutting power, your wrist will be naturally aligned with your arm. Now you can cut with more power using less effort!

You don't have to re-learn how to hold the cutter either! Just hold it the same way you would hold any traditional rotary cutter. Most people like to hold it one of three ways: finger on top, thumb on top, or both to the side.

Part of the TrueCut Track and Guide System

How would you like to have a ruler and cutter that gave you straight cuts every time? No more slipping away from the ruler for crooked cuts! No more accidentally cutting into your ruler, or running over the top! 

The My Comfort Cutter comes with our patented Cutter Guide. With this guide installed, the cutter interlocks to the special track on the sides of the TrueCut Rulers. As you move the cutter along the ruler's track, the guide keeps the cutter from veering away from the ruler's edge.

The My Comfort Cutter and its amazing ergonomic grip can still be used with any other quilting ruler. In some cases it is preferred to remove the cutter guide when using the cutter with a ruler that is not TrueCut brand.

Other MyComfort Cutter Features

Cut the Corner that Matters

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