16x elite machine on a hoop-frame with a quilt

Space To

Get Started

16 inches of throat space gives you all the room you need to confidently quilt up to 12-inch patterns.

Light Up

Your World

Enjoy the bright LED lights in the machine throat, needle area, and bobbin area.

hand inserting bobbin

Easily Understand

arm reaching out and touching machine screen

Your Machine

You’re always in control with a large 7” touchscreen display. Select your stitch mode, adjust settings, and start and stop the machine. It’s like you’re the DJ at your own personal quilting party!

machine touch screen

Features That Keep You Going

Start Celebrating Today


Normally: $6,499.95

16x elite machine on a hoop-frame with a quilt

Accessories That Move You

Rear Handles

Adding rear handles gives you even more ways to finish your favorite projects.

Ruler Base

A ruler base creates extra space to explore the world of ruler work.

Frames That Create A Foundation

Cutie Frame

If you’re tight on budget or tight for space, the Cutie Frame is the best solution to pair with your 16X Elite and get your quilting going. Set up on any desk, table, or counter and use the unique hoop design to create quilts of any size.

Quilter's Evolution Hoop-Frame

Want to start small and grow later? The Quilter’s Evolution Hoop-Frame allows you to create any size quilt without dedicating a large amount of space, and you can upgrade to a larger rolling frame when you’re ready.

Q-Zone Queen

If you’re looking for a rolling frame, the Q-Zone Queen is a great start. The standard 8-foot frame provides great value at a low price and can be upgraded to a 10-foot frame.

Quilter's Evolution Elite Frame

The Quilter’s Evolution Elite is the top-of-the-line rolling frame that provides a truly exceptional quilting experience. With robust rails, multiple size options, and available accessories, there’s no better way to create your own perfect workspace.