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TrueSharp 2 Electronic Sharpener

New Design gives your rotary blades a higher–quality cutting edge in even less time.

Get the ultimate sharpening experience with the all NEW TrueSharp 2

New improvements have been made to the TrueSharp electric rotary blade sharpener, giving even better sharpening results in faster time.


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See The TrueSharp In Action

Power Sharpening at the Push of a Button

Blade sharpening doesn't get any easier than this

Stop wasting money on new blades! The TrueSharp Power Sharpener sharpens your rotary blades with the push of a button! Make quick work of sharpening 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm rotary blades with the TrueSharp's high–quality sharpening stones.

TrueSharp 2: New and Improved

Faster Sharpening Times

New Improved power output enhances motor efficiency, and makes overall sharpening times twice as short.

Diamond Grit Stones

All new TrueSharp 2 models include upgraded diamond stones that last longer and shapren better!

Higher-Quality Sharpening

A new precision blade alignment assures that the edge of your rotary blade is honed with the highest level of quality.

Fine–tuned Power

As powerful as always, but more refined

The blade now spins at a more even speed due to a modification of the power supply. This allow a more consistent sharpening of the blades in a shorter amount of time with less chance of error.

TrueSharp 2 power sharpener
new TrueSharp Design

Enhanced Design

Little changes for a big difference

The sharpening process has been improved by adjusting blade alignment in the sharpener. An enhanced center–column and improved springs provide a more consistent and precise blade sharpening experience.

Keeping You Sharp

Save Your Rotary Blade Money

Stop wasting money on new blades! Extend the life of the blades you already have with the TrueSharp 2.

It doesn't get easier than this

Sharpening your rotary blades is now as easy as holding down the lid and pushing the button!

Get Sharper Blades in even less time

The high power motor of the TrueSharp 2 makes quick work of sharpening rotary blades.

Does it work? Absolutely!

Now you can sharpen 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm rotary blades of almost any brand!

Sharpen Three sizes of rotary blade and almost any brand

We know you have many cutters at home, maybe even in different sizes. The TrueSharp will sharpen most brands of blades in 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm.

3 different size rotary blades

Other TrueSharp 2 Features

Plugs in. Sharpener doesn't use batteries

No Batteries to worry about.

The TrueSharp 2 plugs into the wall and runs on AC power, so you'll never have to worry about replacing any batteries.

Plugs in. Sharpener doesn't use batteries

Sharpens 3 Blade Sizes

We know you have many cutters at home, maybe even in different sizes. The TrueSharp 2 will sharpen most brands of blades in 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm.

Complete Sharpening kit

Everything you need to keep your rotary blades cutting sharp

rotary blade handler

Rotary Blade Handlers

blade sharpening oil

Sharpening Oil

cleaning cloth

Cleaning Cloth

We're hearing what your'e saying!

We've been listening to our customers reviews and suggestions for change, leading to this updated TrueSharp 2 and making it even better than the original. Here are some of the reviews others have left for the original trueSharp Sharpener.

  • Blades are not cheap and don't last when you're cutting quilts out and fabric all the time as I do. Let me tell you, just as Eleanor Burns said on her TV Show, 'Quilt In A Day' while actually demonstrating this sharpener, it works GREAT!

    Schatzie Southern California
  • I've tried other sharpeners with limited success — this one is great. It's like almost getting a new blade again — what a money saver given the price of blades. Easy to use and store when not in use. I've already recommended to many of my fellow quilters. Thanks for a great product.

    Ruth Reviewed on Amazon
  • It does work. I sharpened a lot of old blades and now they cut wonderfully. I had tried previous less cost sharpeners from fabric stores and they did not work. I'm well pleased with the sharpener.

    BlessesForever Reviewed on Wal–Mart
  • I purchased this sharpener to replace the other sharpener that did not work as expected. I put my dull blades in one at a time, sharpened for 30 seconds each size and they sharpened. I could recommend this item.

    Grandma18 Texas
  • I like this product. After following the directions for oiling the sharpening stones, I found the unit to work very well, sharpening the blade to my satisfaction. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend to any quilter.

    R Reno, NV
  • This blade sharpener sharpens all sizes of blades and make them sharp as new and free from cutting your fingers up. It is very fast job and it is not a bad price. It's a great little machine for anybody does quilting!

    R.G Pottstown, PA

Get the Ultimate Rotary Blade Sharpener

The newly enhanced TrueSharp 2 is here! Get the TrueSharp 2 Now

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