TrueSharp 2
Electric Sharpener

New design gives your rotary blades a higher quality cutting edge in even less time

TrueSharp 2 Electric Sharpener

Get the ultimate sharpening experience with the all-new TrueSharp 2!

New improvements have been made to the Truesharp electric rotary blade sharpener, giving even better sharpening results in faster time.
TrueSharp 2 Electric Sharpener

See the TrueSharp 2 in Action

Power Sharpening at the Push of a Button

Stop wasting money on new blades!

The TrueSharp Power Sharpener sharpens your blades with the push of a button. Make quick work of sharpening 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm rotary blades with the TrueSharp's high quality sharpening stones.
  • Faster Sharpening Times

    Faster Sharpening Times

    New improved power output enhances motor efficiency and makes overall sharpening times twice as fast.

  • Diamond Grit Stones

    Diamond Grit Stones

    All new TrueSharp 2 models include upgraded diamond stones that last longer and sharpen better.

  • Higher Quality Sharpening

    Higher Quality Sharpening

    A new precision blade alignment ensures that the edge of your rotary blade is honed with the highest level of quality.

Fine-Tuned Power

As powerful as always, but more refined.

The blade now spins at a more even speed due to a modification of the power supply. This allows a more consistent sharpening of the blades in a shorter amount of time with less chance of error.

Keeping You Sharp

Other TrueSharp 2 Features

  • No Batteries to Worry About

    No Batteries to Worry About

    The TrueSharp 2 plugs into the wall and runs on AC power, so you'll never have to worry about replacing batteries.
  • Sharpens Three Blade Sizes

    Sharpens Three Blade Sizes

    We know you have many cutters at home, maybe even in different sizes. The TrueSharp 2 will sharpen most brands of blades in 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm.

Complete Sharpening Kit

Everything you need to keep your rotary blades cutting sharp.

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