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Creative freedom for machine quilters

Quilting frames have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Modern day quilters rely on their frames to make each of their projects easier, more convenient and more beautiful! Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, and no-matter what kind of quilting machine you use, there is a quilting frame that would work for you!

How does a quilting frame help me?

  • Simple Fabric Control

    Simple Fabric Control

    Easy-to-use rails and clamps keep your fabric securely in place while you quilt, allowing you to focus on your creativity instead of worrying about extra fabric.
  • Multiple Sizes

    Multiple Sizes

    With sizes ranging from four to twelve feet, you can find a frame that gets the job done without feeling out of place in your home.
  • Use Your Machine

    Use Your Machine

    Our frames can accommodate many home sewing machines and longarm quilting machines up to 21”, so you can quilt at your own comfort level.

Track and carriage system

Grace Frames are known for the smooth and fluid feel of their track and carriage system. When using a machine quilting frame, your sewing machine sits on a carriage, which rolls back and forth on a track. Grace frames utilize smooth ball bearings in high-quality steel wheels that practically glide along the plastic tracks in the frame.

“I have this frame set up with the Qnique 19 and LOVE it! I love that I can quilt a king size quilt on this frame or a small wall hanging. I am really happy with both the machine and the frame.”

Innovative Quilting Frame Rail System

All of the Grace Frames utilize an innovative quilting rail systems to make the quilting process easier.
  • Easy fabric tension rail system

    Easy fabric tension rail system

    All the quilt layers come together and are rolled on to the take-up rail as you quilt. Some frames come with an additional 4th rail that is convenient to roll the batting layer on and keep it off of the floor.
  • Quilt Clips

    The Quilt Clips clip right onto the rails of any machine quilting frame and provide easy fabric tension and control. They're even great for "floating" your fabric layers.
    Learn more about quilt clips

Speed Control

The Speed Control lets you adjust the constant stitching speed of your machine as you quilt. It plugs into your machines foot pedal port.

Frame Accessories

  • Bungee Clamps

    Each Grace Machine Quilting Frame comes with a set of four bungee clamps. These are ideal for achieving a good balanced tension throughout the quilt.
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  • G-Series Carriage

    The Grace G-Series Carriage lets you use your domestic quilting machine on a frame. It comes with comfort-grip handles, accessory holders, and the smooth motion Grace Frames are known for.
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