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Rotary Cutting Accessories


Adhesive Ruler Grips

TrueGrips provide you with an easy, safe, and accurate cutting experience by eliminating slip–ups. TrueGrips are non–slip adhesive rings, that are easy to put on any size or brand of ruler.

  • Safeguards against slipping
  • Transparent for easy visibility
  • Safe for fabric and mats
  • Works on any ruler
  • Contains 15 Large and 15 Small grips

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Non–Slip Pads

A Cutting Mat's Best Friend

The TrueCut Non-Slip Pad can be placed underneath any brand cutting mat to completely eliminate any slipping while cutting, enhancing both accuracy and safety. The Non-Slip Pad is designed to fit the 36x24 inch cutting mat size, and is easy trimmable to match common sizes of cutting mats.

36 x 24 Inches

Large Non-Slip Pad

TrueCut Non–Slip Pad Features

Non-Slip Pad under Cutting Mat

No More Sliding! Cutting Mat Safe!

The TrueCut Non–Slip Pads stop your cutting mat from sliding around on your table. They are also designed to be cutting mat safe! Unlike other methods, the Non–Slip Pads keep the mat from moving without scratching or damaging it or your table.

non-slip pads for any Cutting Mat

Use With Any Rotary Cutting Mat

The Non–Slip Pads can be used with any brand cutting mat! They're also available in the three most common sizes of cutting mats.

TrueCut Rotary Blades

Our 28mm, 45mm, 60mm blades are high quality SKS–7 stainless steel to provide you with the sharpness and quality you've come to expect from a name like TrueCut. These blades are great in your TrueCut rotary cutters, but will also fit in most standard rotary cutters in the market!

Rotary Cutting Blades

TreCut Rotary Blades Features

great with other rotary cutters

Works With Multiple Cutters

The blades go great with our TrueCut rotary cutters, but will also work with most standard rotary cutters in the market.

high-quality rotary blade

High Quality Steel

The high quality steel we use in our blades keeps them sharper longer than other blades, allowing you to get more cuts out of each blade.

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Other Rotary cutting accessories

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