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Quilt Motion Quilt Motion Quilter's Creative Touch 6 Gold

With Gold Access, you unlock Everything the Quiltmotion Quilter's Creative Touch 6 has to offer, including:

  • Borders
  • Corner Patterns
  • Pattern eClipse™
  • Font Stitching
  • And More!

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Quilt Motion Quilt Motion Quilter's Creative Touch 6 Gold

Gold Access

Take your quilting to the next level

Quilter's Creative Touch Gold Access is the key that unlocks additional benefits and powerful features beyond the QCT6 Pro. It opens door for you to take your quilting to an entirely new level, with new exclusive creation tools and features, advanced pantograph control, font stitching, and more!

Let Gold Access Lift Your Gaze

QCT Gold Access goes beyond letting you design, place and create your patterns.

Now you can go from borders, to corners, to multiple patterns at a time, and even more! You'll love seeing your favorite patterns professionally quilted by your own quilting machine.

Gold Access Features

Panto Stacker

Borders and Corners

Borders and Corners makes border design and placement easy. You simply capture your border points on the fabric and select your patterns. Borders and Corners does the rest.

Quilt Pattern Creation

Corner Maker

Corner Maker enables you to take any continuous line pattern and transform it into a perfectly formed corner pattern that fits seamlessly with continuous borders.

Trace Image For Quilt Pattern

Fabric Compensation

If there's one "special" aspect with quilting, it's that "There is no such thing as a straight line". Fabric Compensation solves this problem, by allowing you to "morph" placed patterns, borders, and pantographs, to fit within the lines of your fabric.


Font Stitcher

Including a special message in a quilt is now a simple matter with the font stitcher! You select the font, type in the letters you want, and save it as a pattern to be quilted.

Panto Stacker

Exclusive Gold Patterns

With Gold Access, you have access to a monthly list of premium patterns that you won't find anywhere else. Give your quilting another reason to be a step above.

Quilt Pattern Creation

Multi-Pattern Placement

Want to save time by placing several patterns at once? Well now you can!

Trace Image For Quilt Pattern

Panto Advanced

The next level of PantoStacker allows you the added ability to select different patterns for each row, and the ability to move them within the design area. You can even have different pattern counts on each row, too!

Trace Image For Quilt Pattern

Pattern eClipse

Worrying about applique damage is now behind you! with eClipse, you can plan around all those special pieces that make your quilt priceless.


Template Designer

When you need a pattern to fit into a specified geometry, Template Designer allows you to create a layer of guidelines to make sure your patterns stay "inside the lines".

Panto Stacker

Virtual Longarm

Have you ever wanted to sew a pattern that was too large for the Safe Area? Virtual Longarm automatically separates a pattern that goes beyond the Safe Area.

Take Your Quilting To the Next Level

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For customers who already own QCT6 Pro

Gain access to everything QCT6 Pro has to offer by purchasing QCT Gold Access. Think of Gold Access as a key that unlocks additional benefits and powerful features beyond even the QCT6 Pro, with new exclusive creation tools and features. Get advanced control over pantographs, borders and corners, font stitching, and more!

Purchasing and activating a Gold Access Card unlocks all of the Gold Access benefits for one year. Purchasing and activating another Gold card at any time will add an additional year to the time of your Gold Access.

If your time of Gold Access expires, you will lose access to Gold-Only features and benefits until you activate a new Gold Access Card.

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