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Meet April, a true sewing and quilting aficionado whose journey through creativity has taken her from the heart of Louisiana to the tranquil landscapes of Kentucky. With a passion ignited by her mother's introduction to sewing, April's crafting path has been a tapestry of experiences, weaving together artistry and innovation.

From the world of scrapbooking to card making, April found her calling in quilting, a medium that allows her to express her creativity in vibrant and meaningful ways. Her quilts tell stories of heritage, love, and the simple joys of life.

Beyond her crafting haven, April's adventures extend to her travels with her husband, who's on a quest to experience every Eagles concert in the continental United States. These journeys lead her to quilt shops scattered across the nation, where she connects with fellow quilting enthusiasts and explores a world of fabrics and patterns.

April's influence also extends online through her YouTube channel, "April’s Craft Room." Here, she shares her quilting expertise, providing tutorials that guide both beginners and seasoned quilters through the intricacies of the craft. Her endearing storytelling and genuine approach make every video a window into her creative world.

Amid her roles as a mother, a proud Gigi to two beloved granddaughters, and a devoted partner of 32 years, April finds time to indulge in her love for chocolate, fabric, and laughter. With retirement on the horizon, she envisions a future filled with creating quilts for charity and producing even more captivating content on her YouTube channel.

Join April on her journey where fabric meets imagination, laughter meets creativity, and quilting stitches bind a life filled with purpose and passion.

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