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Jaymi Horne, an exceptional quilter whose mastery of foundation paper piecing has earned her the title of "FPP Queen" among her devoted Instagram followers. Through her engaging social media presence, Jaymi is on a mission to demonstrate that quilting is not only a rewarding craft but also a source of fun and enjoyment for quilters of all skill levels. Her dedication to teaching and inspiring others shines through in her online tutorials and interactive sessions, where she shares valuable tips and techniques to help fellow quilters unlock their creativity and achieve stunning results.

Jaymi's talents extend beyond the digital world, as her work has been recognized and showcased in various local quilt shows and newspapers. As a published designer, her unique quilt and coat patterns showcase her innovative style and attention to detail. She is a Legit Kits ambassador and Certified Instructor as well. Quilters looking to recreate her stunning creations can find her patterns conveniently available on her website,

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