Lines and Loops

Learning how to free motion quilt while using a frame has never been easier! This educational course will guide you through learning the basics of frame quilting. 
Lines and Loops

With Quilter's Compass you get access to:

  • Exclusive Online Training

    Exclusive Online Training

  • Educational Workbook

    Educational Workbook

  • Instructional Fabric Panel

    Instructional Fabric Panel

Lines & Loops: An Introduction

Your Quilter's Compass Journey Starts Here!

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive training video, accompanied by hands-on exercises in your dedicated workbook. Amanda, our educational quilter, will be your guiding companion, instilling confidence as you follow along in your workbook. Once you've completed these foundational steps, it's time to elevate your skills by applying them to your practice panel on the frame.

We understand that tackling something new can be challenging, so we've thoughtfully designed our panel to provide guidance. Follow the lines on the panel to witness the techniques in action, ensuring a clear understanding. As you progress, you'll notice that towards the bottom of the panel, there are no lines—this is your opportunity to showcase your quilting expertise independently, like a seasoned pro. Your Quilter's Compass experience promises not just learning but the mastery of quilting techniques that go beyond mere crafting.

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Frame quilting is no longer something to fear or avoid! Let's tackle it together with Quilter's Compass. With this first installment, you'll learn some of the basics and be ready to start finishing quilts with confidence. Click 'Shop Now' and get yours today!