Unlock the full potential of your free motion quilting, whether you’re using a frame or not. Our Quilter's Compass Loops and Lines course is designed to guide you through the intricacies of free motion techniques. In this course, you will learn how to expertly create loops and lines, appropriately scale them to your project's dimensions, and seamlessly integrate various techniques to beautifully fill any space. Join us to refine your skills and bring fluidity to your quilting designs.

How do we do this?

When you purchase the Quilter's Compass, you gain access to an array of exclusive resources:

  • An exclusive training video
  • A guided educational workbook
  • An instructional fabric panel

Your journey begins by watching the training video, which sets the foundation for your learning. Pair this visual guide with the workbook to enhance your understanding. As you progress through these materials, you’ll gain the confidence to apply what you’ve learned. The next step is to practice on the provided fabric panel, which you can mount on your frame to solidify your new skills. Our thoughtfully designed panel includes guided lines to help visualize and perfect the techniques. As you advance to the lower section of the panel, the lines disappear, encouraging you to apply the techniques independently like a seasoned quilter.

What Makes the Quilter’s Compass So Enjoyable?

This interactive educational experience removes the stress from practicing new techniques. You learn on a project that doesn’t require hours of prior assembly, making it fun and straightforward. And when you're finished, there’s no need to tuck away your practice panel. It’s designed with sections that ensure the final product is as visually appealing as it is educational. Prepare to take pride in completing another beautiful project!

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