This starter kit contains a fabric quilt panel with fun practice designs that you can use with any quilting machine or frame. It also comes with paper tracing sheets for additional practice. You’ll love seeing your free motion skills improve using the tools and resources within this kit. 


What’s Included: 

  • Grace Starter Quilt Panel 

  • Free Motion Starter Guide 

  • Batting and Backing Fabric 

  • 2 Spools of Finesse™ 500 yd Thread 

  • 6 Tracing Practice Sheets 

  • 3 M Class Bobbins 

  • 3 L Class Bobbins 

  • 1 Tracing Pencil with Sharpener 


Video resources

  • Demo
    48:08 | Oct 8, 2020

Product Reviews

  1. Julie Holt
    Julie Holt 06-Oct,12:09 PM

    Interested in practice panels. Can anyone explain the high cost for one panel and a few sheets of tracing paper (I assume to make your own practice panels)? Am I missing a major element that adds $175 worth of value? Thanks! Will come back and edit rating.

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Everything you need to learn the basics of free motion quilting! 

Brand: Grace
Manufactured by: The Grace Company
Category: Quilting Accessories
Model: ACC-01-16125
SKU: ACC-01-16125
Condition: New
UPC: 636343000393
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