Finesse Thread - Solid Colors


Finesse Thread - Solid Colors

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High-Quality Design, Custom Crafted for Excellence
Introducing Finesse Thread, a line developed in exclusive partnership with Wonderfil, renowned for their unmatched quality, meticulous attention to detail, and superior thread manufacturing. Created specifically for the Grace Company, Finesse Thread embodies our commitment to providing quilters with the very best. From novice enthusiasts to seasoned experts, Finesse Thread is engineered to enhance your quilting experience, ensuring each project is a masterpiece.

Strength Meets Versatility
Experience effortless quilting with Finesse's robust construction, designed to handle high-speed stitching without breaking. Its 3-ply 100% polyester material is significantly stronger than traditional cotton threads, making it ideal for all quilting styles. Despite its strength, Finesse maintains a delicate thinness, reducing bulk and preserving the softness of your quilt.

Quilter Friendly Features
Finesse is a dream come true for every quilter. With its low lint production, it glides smoothly through your quilting machine, leaving minimal residue. This thread is nearly lint-free and avoids the artificial shine that some polyester threads emit, making it the preferred choice even for those devoted to 100% cotton.

A Palette of Possibilities
Choose from 60 beautifully curated colors, each selected after extensive research into current trends in design, fashion, and quilting. These hues are inspired by core principles of color theory, ensuring they complement one another and elevate your projects. Whether you're looking to experiment or find the perfect match for your fabrics, our palette empowers your creativity and expression.

Efficient and Economical
Finesse threads come on mini-cones, each holding 1500 yards—perfect for individual projects without excess waste. These mini-cones are not only stackable and space-efficient, but also cost-effective, allowing you to diversify your color usage without financial strain. Easy to store and fun to display, they are designed to fit seamlessly into your crafting space.

Why Choose Finesse?

Finesse isn't just a thread; it's a gateway to expanding your creative horizons. It is designed to serve both as a robust tool for intricate designs and a subtle companion to your fabric choices. For quilters at every level, Finesse ensures that your passion for quilting is met with unmatched quality and color.

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