Let your machine do the quilting for you! QuiltMotion QCT6  is a computer automated quilting system that lets you create your masterpieces in steps as simple as select, place, and sew.

QCT6 offers all the essential features of computerized quilting at an affordable price point. Choose from over 100 stitch designs, place your starting point, and watch while your machine completes the stitching for you. You will never get lost with the full step by step guide and easy to use interface. 

QCT6 Plus gives you more creative control over your quilted patterns with a built in marking tool and options to print, save, and export your designs.

QCT6 Pro lets you design and edit any pattern, even trace them from your favorite photographs. Create simple or intricate pantographs, and so much more!

Quilter's Creative Touch 6 does not include a tablet. We've given you the freedom to use any tablet running a full version of Windows 7, 8, 10 or later. (QCT6 Software will not work with Windows RT tablets.) With QCT6 installed on your tablet, you can use it anywhere to design patterns and create layouts, and then bring it back to your sewing machine to quilt!

Product Reviews

  1. Angie Detlefsen
    Angie Detlefsen 19-Oct,17:49 PM

    If you are new, the first thing you need to do is to watch dfgrorge on YouTube. As a matter of fact they have a great video on putting the equipment together. Honestly, I wish I had seen it before I put the track. At least he walked me through the tablet setup. The first video I watched was QCT4 Beginnings-Loading and Quilting with QCT4 - I have the 5 but I felt like it would be close enough and it was. I'm now watching his wife's videos on using the program. These are a must. This machine also has videos from Leah Day and she's great too. So far I am very excited and love it. I'm kinda wishing I had brought the Pro version. It's actually cheaper buying it directly from the Grace Company than the middle man. Either way, I've heard enough wonderful things, I'm going to turn my passion into the next chapter of my life with my new Grace products.

  2. Jack Ragan
    Jack Ragan 15-Dec,10:23 AM

    Partnering with Karla, the Director of Education, has made my quilting truly mine. As a quilter herself, she gets the needs of her fellow quilters and understands our needs. The program will do just what you need, but what you need most, is to partner with their most exceptional team of educators.

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