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The holiday season is upon us! It’s time to prepare our Christmas lists and start shopping.We’ve prepared this handy gift guide to help you shop for the quilt enthusiasts in your life. We’re offering great deals on our favorite products in bundles and standalone gifts for all levels of quilters! We hope these quilting gift ideas will save you time so that you can get to decking the halls and caroling with the people you love!

Start Free Motion Quilting with These Great Quilting Frames

Quilting Frames are a great way to elevate a new quilter’s arsenal of tools. A quilting frame helps quilter’s complete their projects in a fraction of the time it would take without one. Some frames even allow the quilter to stand or sit while working on the project at hand. We’re a big fan of any option that will make creating a quilt easier and more ergonomic. You can’t go wrong when you choose from this list of some of our most favorite frames at the Grace Company. 

Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame

$689 (normally $999.95)

Q-Zone Hoop Frame

$989 (normally $1,449.95)


Q-Zone Queen Frame

$989 (normally $1,799.95)


Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro

$1,189 (normally $1,899.95)

Mix and Match to Build the Perfect Q’nique 15 Combo

When you combine a quilting machine, lightbar, and quilting frame, you get the perfect formula for a home quilting set up! It can be tough to choose the quilting combo that suits your needs and budget, so we created this section of the gift guide to help you select the quilting tools of your dreams that won’t break the bank. The Q’nique 15 quilting machine and frame combo deal includes three machine options in the Q’nique 15 series and a FREE Luminess Light Bar (valued up to $599.95).


Q’nique 15M

Superior Manual Comfort

$3,199 (normally $3,499.95)

Machine head only

With Q’nique 15M Machine, Frame & Light Bar: 

  • Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame Combo $3,695 (normally $4,499.90)

  • Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Combo $3,995 (normally $4,999.90)

  • Q-Zone Queen Frame Combo $3,995 (normally $5,299.90)

  • Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro Combo $4,395 (normally $5,399.90)


Q’nique 15R

Superior Stitching Quality 

$3,899 (normally $4,499.95)

Machine head only 

With Q’nique 15R Machine, Frame & Light Bar: 

  • Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame combo $4,295 (normally $5,499.90)

  • Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Combo $4,595 (normally $5,999.90)

  • Q-Zone Queen Frame Combo $4,595 (normally $6,299.90)

  • Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro Combo $4,995 (normally $6,399.90)


Q’nique 15 Pro

Superior Quilting Power

$4,499 (normally $4,999.90)

Machine head only 

With Q’nique 15 Pro Machine, Frame & Light Bar: 

  • Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame combo $4,695 (normally $5,999.90)

  • Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Combo $4,995 (normally $6,499.90)

  • Q-Zone Queen Frame Combo $4,995 (normally $6,799.90)

  • Q-Zone Hoop-Frame Pro Combo $5,395 (normally $6,899.90)

Looking For a Bigger Machine? We Have You Covered. 

All Q’nique 19 & 21 purchases come with a FREE accessory kit (valued up to $1,189.90.

INCLUDES: Light Bar, 8-pack Finesse Thread, Ruler Base, 4-piece Hopping Foot Kit, and 3 Leah Day Rulers.


Q’nique 19 

$5,899 (normally $6,999.95)



Q’nique 21 R

$6,499 (normally $7,999.95)



Q’nique 21 Pro

$7,499 (normally $8,999.95)


Upgrade Your Quilting with a Pro Frame 

Continuum II 

$2,189 (normally $2,799.95

Save $610.95

  • No-Baste Quilting Rail System

  • SureTrack Dual-Wheel System

  • Channel Locks

  • Leveling Feet

  • Adjustable Height and Depth

  • Hand-Wheel

Enjoy 20% Off All Tiers of Automation

With automation, you can turn any photo into a pattern. From domestic machines to longarm quilting machines, QCT is compatible with a wide variety of machines and frames. The new QCT interface is even more powerful than before, and so simple to navigate!

QCT 5 Beginnings 

$3,759.96 (normally $4,699.95)

Save $939.99

QCT 5 Pro

$5,599.96 (normally $6,999.95)

Save $1,399.99

Find Tools You Need in the Best TrueCut Sale of the Year

TrueCut Rulers, Blade Sharpeners, TrueGrips, and Rotary Cutters are the small additions to your quilting arsenal that make creating quicker and easier. These tools are available in budget friendly bundles. Take advantage of the TrueCut prices in this year’s gift guide!

TrueSharp 2 Combo

$55.96 (normally$124.85)

Includes: TrueSharp 2 Electric Sharpener, 3”x18” and 6.5”x24.5” Rulers


360 Combo

$27.96 (normally $57.90)

Includes: 360 Circle Cutter and 3”x18 Ruler


Linear Sharpener Combo 

$27.96 (normally $57.90)

Includes: Linear Sharpener and 3”x18” Ruler


Square Ruler Combo

$40.49 (normally $57.85)

Includes: 6.5”x6.5”, 9.5”x9.5” & 12.5”x12.5” Rulers


Triangle Ruler Combo

$41.89 (normally $59.85)

Includes: Equilateral, Kite, and Right Triangle Rulers


Queen Combo

$61.65 (normally $102.75)

Includes: 6.5”, 9.5”, and 12.5” Square Rulers

3”x18”, 6.5”x24.5” Rulers 

6 True Grips


Master Ruler Combo

$81.30 (normally $216.15)

Includes: 6.5", 9.5", 12.5" Square Rulers, 

Equilateral, Kite, Right Triangle Rulers,

3"x18", 6.5"x24.5" Rulers,

9 TrueGrips

We hope this gift guide has been helpful in finding ideas for the quilters in your life! Whether you give or receive a new quilting machine, frame, or TrueCut tools, we can’t wait to see what you make with your new gadgets. We wish you Happy Holidays and Merry Quilting here at the Grace Company. 

         - The Grace Family

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