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How to Use Quilt Clips: a Step by Step Tutorial

Wondering how to use Quilt Clips, aka Quilt Frame Clamps, when Quilting? Click here for the step-by-step tutorial by the Grace Company!

Like many art forms, quilting has evolved and grown in popularity. With time and dedicated quilt creators, the tools of the trade have advanced with the medium. From automated quilting to the small, simple tools invented to create ease in our quilting projects, we now have the means to make any type of quilt imaginable. The Grace Company prides itself on being a leading provider of those tools to assist you in your creative endeavors, and sometimes even the inventors of those tools (check out the linear blade sharpener in our TrueCut series for an example of this created by Grace herself which we share with pride). Now, let’s talk about the reason we’re here today: quilt clips! These clips are such a simple way of elevating your ability to quilt quickly & efficiently without damaging your fabric. Who doesn’t love that idea?



You can find the quilt clips in the 1.5” & 2” sizes on our website through this link HERE.


Quilt Clips Easily adjust your fabric:


The Grace Company quilt clip sets come with four clips that are 24” long. These clips can accommodate up to a king size quilt that you can easily adjust on the frame without the fuss of adjusting individual pins. You simply slip the quilt clip on and off the layers of fabric as you move from section to section. 


Finish the edges of your quilt quickly with ease with Quilt Clips:


Sometimes finishing the quilt can be the toughest part of the project. Using quilt clips means that you no longer need to rely on using cloth leaders to keep the tension as you finish your quilt. We love these uncomplicated, time-saving tools. 


Quilt Clips Gives the ability to float fabric layers:


Less pinning when you float your quilt? We’re in! Floating your quilt means that you only use the top two poles of your frame to roll your top and your batting. This is possible with the quilt clips because they hold the tension of the fabric and keep your quilt straight on the frame poles with less effort. 


Quilt Frame Clamps Can be used with various fabric thickness:


The quilt clips slide over the fabric, onto the rails, and sandwich the fabric tightly to the frame. The nature of the quilt clip material allows them to expand to fit the fabric thickness. The Grace Company carries a mini quilt clip series for smaller projects and keeping thread organized. The classic four-pack of 24” clips comes in two different widths. If you’re wondering which diameter is right for your frame, we’ve included our handy quilt clip size chart below. 


The mini quilt clips can be found HERE.



1½ inch rail size quilt clips

  • Continuum Quilting Frame

  • GQ Frame

  • Q'nique Quilting Frame

  • Launchpad Frame

  • Majestic

  • Original Start-Right Quilter

  • Little Gracie II

  • Juki Frame

  • Bernina Frame

  • Momentum Frame

  • iQuilt

  • Next Generation

  • Cadence

  • Z44 (Hand Quilting Frame)

  • EZ3 (Hand Quilting Frame)

2-inch Rrail  Ssize Quilt Clips

  • Gracie King

  • Gracie Queen

  • GMQ Pro

  • Gammill Frame

  • Pinnacle

  • Mini Pinni

Do you already know which will suit your frame size? Find your quilt clips HERE. We can’t wait to hear how the quilt clips change your quilting experience.  

If you’d like to see the quilt clips in action, watch this VIDEO with Karla Gerome!

Happy quilting!

  • The Grace Company

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