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GraceFrame FAQ: Top 10 Q’nique Frequently Asked Questions


Over the past 35 years, here at the Grace Company, we have proven our commitment to innovation, invention, and exceptional customer service. We strive to offer not only the best tools to elevate your quilting abilities but also the support to get the most out of your experience with all Grace Company products. Quilting machines are an investment in your craft, so helping you choose the right Q’nique machinel is our priority. 

Keep reading to find the best way to compare Q’nique machine models, where to find support videos, customer service contact information, and some of our most frequently asked questions about the Q’nique machines from shipping to maintenance. 

With many models to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right quilting machine for your needs. We’ve created this Q’nique Machine Comparison Table to lay out exactly what differentiates one model from another. Compare machine characteristics like price, stitch speed (SPM), stitch modes, and stitch regulation to select your perfect machine. You can also consider the availability of features of convenience like machine throat size, screen display type, handle type, thread trimmer, and built-in bobbin winder in making your decision with this table. 



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Q’nique Machines Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that selecting a quilting machine is no small task. This piece of equipment is not only an investment in your craft but also an investment in your time, creativity, and energy. The Q’nique model you receive should fit your every need as a quilting enthusiast. 

If you want to know more about the machines before you choose the right model for your quilting practice, here are some of our most frequently asked questions about the Q’nique quilting machines:

How much maintenance is required for a Q’nique Machine?

  • Very little maintenance is required. The little maintenance required for the machines is handled by the customer with the support of the Grace Company’s customer service. 


How often does the Q’nique machine need oil?

  • Needle bar: Twice every couple of months

  • Bobbins: Every couple of quilts


What is the best way to clean lint buildup?

  • Use a lint brush or air can as needed.


Which Q’nique machine is compatible with which frame? 

  • All current Grace frames are fully compatible with Q’nique X Series machines with the exception of the Q’nique 21X Elite, which requires either the ContinuumII frame or the NEW Quilter’s Evolution Hoop-Frame or Elite rolling frame.


Which Q’nique models can accommodate a lower budget?

  • We have an affordable solution for all budgets. For the lowest prices, shop the Q’nique 15 and Q’nique 16 machines.


How much does a Q’nique machine weigh?

  • When shipped, the machine plus packaging can weigh in excess of 60lbs.


How long does shipping take?

  • 7-10 business days total

    • 1-3 business days for processing and packing

    • 3-5 business shipping

  • We ship with UPS and FEDEX

  • Machines come in one box

  • Package tracking information is sent the day the machine ships

    • Check your spam, or junk folder if you do not receive tracking information once the machine has shipped. 


What type of thread works best with Q’nique quilting machines?

  • We recommend using a polyester thread such as our Finesse Thread. A polyester thread will be strong, durable, lightweight, and low-lint.


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Q’nique Support

Once you have your perfect quilting machine, our commitment to quality customer service does not end there. The Grace Company offers a myriad of Q’nique support videos to help and instruct you in maintenance for your machine such as:

  • Installing encoders

  • Moving the screen to the rear handles

  • How to reassemble the Q’nique Quilter encoder 

  • Reinstalling the bobbin case spring 

  • Threading the Q’nique 14

  • Oiling the Q’nique 14

  • Changing the needle on the Q’nique 14

  • Setting up the bottom tension

  • How to release tight top tension 

  • How to tighten the top tension 

  • How to prevent eyelashes and looping with the correct tension

  • Adjusting your hopping foot

  • All about Q’nique stitch modes

  • All about Q’nique bobbin winders

  • Installing a bobbin

  • Install encoders with a single wheel track

  • Changing the bobbin on a Q’nique 19

  • Threading a Q’nique 19

  • Changing a needle on the Q’nique 19 

  • Timing the Q’nique 19

  • Timing the Q’nique 15 or 21 


Q’nique Support Contact Information

Technical Support (troubleshooting your product, or problems with assembly/functions)
[email protected] 

General Customer Service (part replacements, general questions)
[email protected] 


Choosing a Q’nique quilting machine will ensure that you can quilt without worry for years to come. We take pride in the quality of our products and the customer service we provide to those who purchase our products. We’ve included our customer service and technical support contact information to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Happy Quilting, 

  • The Grace Family

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