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Machine Quilting Frame

A machine quilting frame is an essential piece of equipment for hobbyists or professional quilters. Large sections of cotton or wool fabrics are difficult to maneuver on traditional sewing machines with small work areas. Fortunately, manufacturers have worked with knowledgeable quilters to develop quilting frames that hold quilting machines from long arm size down to even smaller domestic sewing machines.

Vital Features to Look for When Buying Quilt Frames for Home or Commercial Use

At the same time, the machine quilting frame must hold good fabric tension to create the most beautiful design without errors. A manufacturer must also have several models to choose from in different price points to meet the needs of commercial or home sewers. Some of the features that shoppers look for when buying a machine quilting frame are:

  • Sturdy rolling bars – to hold fabric layers in place in different sections
  • Carriage is correct size – to hold your sewing machine
  • Smooth Carriage System – To Provide Great Stitching
  • Smooth carriage system – to provide great stitching
  • Type of material – traditional wood, sturdy steel or lightweight aluminum
  • Adjustable height – height adjusts to let you work comfortably
  • Frame size – for working on crib quilts to king-size items
  • Accessories – accessories available for specialized projects
  • Warranty – Company Provides Warranty For Repairs Or Replacement

All of the mechanisms on the machines require testing by manufacturers to ensure the components do not harm fabrics by making holes or discolorations. In addition, the machines should have safety covers in place over moving components to avoid injuries to the hands or fingers. A good way for quilters to find quality frames for sewing is to look at an online retailer that provides full color photographs and detailed descriptions of products.

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