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Qnique Quilting Machine Ruler Base

An Essential Sewing Accessory for Intricate Designs and Template Work

When quilters are working on quilting projects, a variety of helpful accessories are required to make the task simpler. A quilter ruler base is an essential accessory for a long arm quilters who wish to use rulers or quilting templates to create their designs.

Ruler Bases are designed to Attach Quickly to Sewing Machines

Many quilters are discovering the possibility of using quilting rulers or templates to create intricate stitching designs with a quilting machine and frame. A ruler base attached to the quilting machine is required to provide a stable and level surface for the quilting ruler.

For professional quilt makers, stitching correctly is essential to have a product that is perfect to sell to customers. Hobbyists also want to make gorgeous designs on wall hangings and quilts without the frustration of needing to unpick stitches from fabrics.

Quilt makers using bases on machines learn to avoid hitting the hard plastic to prevent breaking stitching needles. A quality base on a long arm sewing machine permits quilters to use a variety of templates and straight rulers, including:

  • Full Circles
  • Nesting Shapes
  • Half Circles
  • Clamshells
  • Waves
  • Angles
  • Straight Edge

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