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Quilting Systems 101

So you’ve been quilting for some time now, and you’re ready to upgrade to a complete quilt system? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Depending on when you’re reading this, there might still be some great sales going on, too! 

Most quilters upgrade to a complete quilting system because they want to finish more quilts in less time. A complete quilting system includes a quilting machine, a quilting frame, and a light bar. The accessories beyond these three foundational pieces are entirely up to you as a quilter. 


Why Would You Need a Full Quilting System?

The answer to this question varies from quilter to quilter, but many creators decide that it’s time because they are tired of paying professional longarm quilters to finish their quilt tops. For example, what may have cost you $40 to $80 in fabric and batting can cost $500+ if you send it to be finished.

While purchasing a quilting system is an investment, having full quilting capabilities at a fingertip’s reach empowers you to maintain complete creative control over your project and your vision for the finished product. However, some quilters feel that outsourcing a piece of the creative process takes away some of the creative ownership of the finished work. 

Investing in a complete quilting system also saves quilters time. You’ll no longer have to quilt and hope that a professional service can fit finishing your project into their schedule. Instead of driving or shipping your quilt to a professional longarm quilter, you can quilt on your schedule and complete quilts at your leisure and in time with your gifting deadlines. 

Beyond saving time and money, upgrading to a complete quilting system is about comfort. Quilting on a domestic machine doesn’t offer an ergonomic experience, especially for quilters with back issues or arthritis. Our Q’nique quilting machines are designed with quilters in mind, from the position of the quilting machine handles to the ease in movement of the machine over the frame during free motion quilting. 


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How to Select Your Perfect Quilting System

A quilting studio should be curated to reflect the quilter’s needs. The good news is you can purchase a complete quilting system over time or come to life in a moment if you stumble across the right products or prices (hello, summer sales!). 

When building a complete quilting studio, we recommend first measuring your space and building the basic quilt system according to your spatial requirements. Once you’ve calculated your available space to create the quilting studio of your dreams, there are a few more factors to consider in narrowing down your tool choices. Below, we’ve included a list of questions to help you select your perfect pieces for the space. 

  • Do I need an entire system (quilting machine + light bar + quilting frame)?

  • Do I know which machine would best fit my quilting needs?

  • Does the price of the system fit my budget?

    • Are there sales available?

  • Do my tools of choice provide accessible, ergonomic quilting opportunities for bodies with arthritis or spinal conditions?

  • Do I want specific features like automation or a certain amount of throat space on my quilting machine?

  • Does the company providing my tools offer customer support?

  • What size light bar and frame can my space accommodate?


Quilting System Sale: June 2022

Already have a machine? Just add a frame and light bar to complete your system.


CUTIE FRAME + FREE LIGHT BAR (machine not included)

The Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame allows you to quilt, sew, and stitch to your heart's content in a much easier way, while the Cutie manages your fabric for you so you can enjoy the process more. This frame fits on top of a table or desk and is compatible with most sewing machines. Your machine glides easily over the fabric in any direction, like drawing with a pencil on paper.



The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is a machine-quilting frame that efficiently manages fabric like a simple hoop. With its small space-saving form factor, you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects! On sale this month with a FREE light bar.



This frame features a simplified 2-rail system with Quilt Clips for easy fabric control. You can quilt sitting or standing with the Queen Frame. In addition, you’ll save $999 on a Q-Zone Queen Frame bundle with a free 10’ Luminess Light Bar, free bungee clamps, and a significant frame discount. 


Q-ZONE HOOP PRO FRAME + FREE LIGHT BAR! (machine not included)

The Q-Zone Hoop Pro Frame works with any sewing/quilting machine with up to a 19" throat space. In addition to its space-saving size, this frame enables you to work sitting or standing. Quilting queen, king, or larger size quilts with the Q-Zone Hoop Pro Frame is easy with its included features and freebies like dual tracks, cloth leaders, 5 ft Luminess light bar, table inserts, and bungee clamps. 


Does your studio come equipped with amazing lighting? Grab a frame and machine combo!



Due to the considerable throat length, the Q'nique 21 Series is only compatible with the Continuum ll model frames. Every aspect of the Grace Company’s Q'nique 21, from the features down to the price, has been designed with the quilting enthusiast in mind. The Q’nique 21 offers a new level of quality in precision stitching, user-friendly features, and developed engineering never available before in such an affordable package.


Q'NIQUE 21 PRO + CONTINUUM FRAME (light bar not included)


The new Continuum Quilting Frame has been designed by the Grace Company to perfectly accommodate the Q'nique quilting machines (this bundle was a match made in heaven)! The machine design reduces vibration for the smoothest quilting experience. Our track and carriage system offers the best stitch quality and design. The 21 Pro glides across the frame easily while giving the user unmatched comfort and stitch control.



Quilters spoke, and we listened! This machine has been designed with the utmost attention to detail to solve quilters’ most frustrating problems and make quilting as enjoyable as possible. The 21X Elite fits with the three sizes of the Continuum II frame. 


A space for quilting equipped with all the perfect tools for the space is the quilter's dream. We believe in personalizing your space to the way you quilt, and the advantage of buying an exclusively Grace Company quilting system is knowing that the products will be compatible with one another. With a Grace Company quilting system, you can rest assured that there is reliable customer support and a network of quilters in our Facebook groups that love to support other quilt enthusiasts. Level up your quilting capacity & capabilities with a complete quilting system because an investment in your creativity is an investment in your happiness. 


If you take before and after photos of your quilting space, tag us on social media to share the excitement!


Happy Quilting,

The Grace Family

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