Grace Quilting Machine M-Class Bobbins

These large M-Class bobbins are designed to hold more thread than a regular bobbin, letting you quilt longer without needing to change it. They come in a pack of 10 bobbins and are made of a high-quality aluminum. These will work with Grace Company Q'nique machines, as well as most other longarm quilting machines in the market.

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    48:08 | Oct 8, 2020

Product Reviews

  1. Joel Flaker 01-Sep,05:37 AM

    Perfect product.

  2. Dana Sexton
    Dana Sexton 24-Oct,10:18 AM

    I purchased a package of 10 during one of the sale events and was very disappointed with the quality. Seven of the ten could be wound, but three would just sit on the spindle and not wind since the hole diameter was slightly too large. The three should never have passed quality control and very unexpected coming from the Grace Company.

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A set of 10 M-class bobbins. Perfect for any of the Q'nique quilting machine models.

Brand: Grace
Manufactured by: The Grace Company
Category: Qnique Accessories
Model: ACC-01-11023
SKU: ACC-01-11023
Condition: New
UPC: 636343172588
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