-Little Rebel  

-Cutie Breeze*  

-Free Shipping  

-Exclusive My Comfort Cutter  

-Merch Bundle in a Custom Box including:  

---HBQ Fabric Bag 

---"Change the World” Mug w/ Little Rebel Logo 

---4-Pack of Finesse Thread 

---9.5 Square Ruler and True Grips 

---HBQ Stickers 


*If cutie breeze not wanted, 50% off any other frame 

**If you orderd the Cutie Breeze


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Item Quantity
Navy Comfort Cutter 1
HBQ Fabric Bag 1
Change The World Mug 1
Snow White - Finesse Thread 1
Smokey Quartz - Finesse Thread 1
Midnight Blue - Finesse Thread 1
Blue Sapphire - Finesse Thread 1
9½ x 9½ Inch Ruler 1
TrueGrips 1
HBQ Stickers 1

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