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  • Q'nique 16X Elite + Q-Zone Hoop-Frame

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  • Q'nique 19X Elite + Q-Zone Queen Frame

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  • Q'nique 21X Elite + Quilter's Evolution Hoop-Frame

    Savings of over $4,800!
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FREE Accessory Package

With New Machine Purchase

  • 360 Wonderfoot
  • Q'nique Laser for Q'nique machines (or Gracie Laser for Little Rebel)
  • Horizontal Spool holder
  • Cutting Mat Combo
  • Cutter Combo
  • 3 Piece Hopping Foot Kit
  • 16 Pack Finesse Thread
  • Bobbins
  • Free Motion Starter Kit

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Save $100's on the Q-Zone Queen, Quilter's Evolution Hoop-Frame and Quilter's Evolution Elite Frame!

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Why TrueCut?

Easiest to Use:

The ruler track and cutter guides hold your cutter in place to make cutting your fabric safe and simple.

Complete Experience:

With cutters, rulers, mats, and more, TrueCut offers all the tools you need to complete any cutting project.

Highest Quality:

TrueCut products are designed to get the job done right every time, so you can achieve the best results

Q3 April 2024 TrueCut Section

Accessory Spotlight

Limited-Time Offer On This Month's Featured Accessory

25% Off 9-piece Hopping Foot Kit


Normally $199.95

Fits All Q'nique Machines

Package Includes

3 couching feet for yarns of different thicknesses

Large, medium, and small echo-feet

Glide foot for easy free motion quilting

Square ruler foot for straight lines

Diamond ruler foot for 45 degree angles

Q3 2024 accessory spotlight