⚠ Using the wrong rear handles will damage your Q’nique Machine.

Q'nique Quilting Machine Rear Handle

Work from the back of your quilting frame with these quilting machine rear handles for the Q'nique Quilter! This quilting accessory is essential if you plan on using any pantographs or patterns from the back table of your machine quilting frame. These rear handles feature the same quick access buttons as your regular quilting handles.

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  1. Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas 11-Sep,14:00 PM

    Just installed the rear handles. The rearmost mounting screws are not long enough. However there were 4 longer screws in the box with no directions. I used two of the 12mm ones in the forward hoes and moved the two 10mm ones to the rear holes. It worked well. There is no indication what to do with the extra long cables once they are connected. I did not attempt to push them back into the handles, I tucked them up over the rear leg ar. The directions say use the 4 mm Allen wrench to remove the cover to attach the display mounting bracket. They are 2.5 mm screws. You might want to update your written instructions or produce a video. Better yet, do both.

  2. Donald Chamberlain
    Donald Chamberlain 17-Nov,15:44 PM


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Please purchase the back handles that match the full name of your machine for optimal compatibility.

⚠ Using the wrong rear handles will damage your Q’nique Machine.


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