Transform your sewing experience with the Q-Zone Hoop-Frame and SureStitch Elite Combo Sale, a dynamic duo that takes your creations to the next level! Pair the cutting-edge SureStitch Elite with the innovative Q-Zone Hoop-Frame for a seamless fusion of precision and convenience.

Upgrade your domestic sewing machine into a quilting powerhouse with the SureStitch Elite. This advanced model features a sleek new design and a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Achieve flawlessly even stitches with the stitch regulation feature, ensuring a professional finish to your quilting projects.

The SureStitch Elite doesn’t just excel in impeccable stitching; it introduces a new level of creativity and control. The intuitive touchscreen interface offers extensive customizations, allowing you to tailor your quilting experience to your preferences. Explore the one-touch manual setting for ultimate creative freedom.

Complementing the SureStitch Elite, the versatile Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is designed to pair seamlessly with almost any home sewing machine, including those with up to a 19-inch throat space. Its unique design revolutionizes fabric management, allowing you to manage even the largest quilting projects in any room, thanks to its space-saving size. With the Q-Zone Hoop-Frame, quilt queen, king, or larger quilts with ease and adaptability.

Invest in this exclusive bundle today and witness the synergy of the SureStitch Elite and Q-Zone Hoop-Frame – where precision meets practicality for a quilting experience like never before. Elevate your craft, stitch by stitch!

* Machine not included in this bundle.


Item Quantity
SureStitch Elite Stitch Regulator 1

Additional Information

Throat length: Up to 19 inches

The throat length is the distance from the needle to the back of the machine.

distance from needle to machine

Width: Up to 9 inches
Height of machine head: Up to 13½ inches

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