The Chariot Top Carriage is an amazing way to upgrade your Cutie Frame's current top-carriage. Why would you upgrade though? Having handles above your fabric allows for easier fabric management as you are zoning your quilt. Not only that, you are able to experience more closely what it is like to quilt on a long arm quilting machine! 

This accessory comes with:

  • 1 x The Chariot Top Carriage
  • 4 x Domestic Machine Clamps 
  • 1 x Channel Lock


The Chariot Top Carriage does not include a bottom carriage because all you have to do is put it on your Cutie's current bottom carriage. 

When looking at this accessory you should consider the size of the domestic machine you are using:

  • Machine height 
    • Up to 16"
  • Machine Width
    • Up to 11.5"
  • Machine Length
    • Up to 19"

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