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Grace Company’s Quilting Foot Sets

We’d like to put our best (hopping) foot forward and introduce you to the two different foot attachment sets we offer here at the Grace Company. These foot attachments are tremendously helpful when you want to add extra ‘oomph’ and depth to your quilting. 

Q’nique Hopping Foot Set 

Special Ruler Feet For the Q'nique Quilting Machines. Available for the Q'nique 15, Q'nique 19,  and Q'nique 21 machines. The set for the Q'nique 21 also comes with an additional standard hopping foot. This foot is similar to the original hopping that came with the machine, but it works with the new lock collar in this set used by the other new feet.

Set Includes

  • Open Toe Foot

  • Ruler Foot

  • Micro-Stippling Foot

The set for the Q'nique 21 includes an extra standard hopping foot.

*Also compatible with Block Rockit machines.


Open Toe Foot

  • Allows full visibility of the needle, which is helpful in techniques like feathering

  • Great for appliqué, thread painting & artistic quilting

Ruler Foot

  • Thicker toe for use with rulers & templates (sold separately)

  • Heightened bend in foot clears most quilting rulers

Micro-Stippling foot

  • Used for micro-stippling

  • Allows for very fine, detailed stitching

  • Easier background quilting

  • Great for accentuating applique

How to Use the Height Gauge

To use the hopping foot height gauge, line up the foot on your machine and place your needle in the down position to get your needle as close as possible to the hook. Next, you’ll push the groove in the gauge under the foot and up against the needle and replace your screw with the 3mm alan wrench from your kit to secure the foot attachment. Once the screw is tightened, you’ve successfully used your height gauge.

9-piece Foot Attachment Set 

A set of 9 hopping foot attachments for Q'nique Quilting machines. Available for either the Q'nqiue 15 midarms or the 21 longarm. Attach one of these tools to the included hopping foot to create amazing quilting designs! Included in each set is a set of couching feet for yarn, a glide foot for easier free-motion quilting, a set of echoing feet, and different feet to use with rulers.

Set Includes

  • 3 couching feet for yarns of different thicknesses

  • Large, medium, and small echo-feet to keep even lines and distances in your designs

  • Glide foot for easy free-motion quilting

  • Square ruler foot for straight lines and even seams

  • Diamond ruler foot for 45-degree angles


We hope you found some inspiration about how to enhance your quilting with these fun foot attachments. Tag us on social media with your fun quilting projects. We can’t wait to see them!

Happy quilting, 

The Grace Family 

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