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Holiday Quilt Gifting Guide

From a quilt’s pattern concept to its final stitching, making a quilt is an offering of love. Fellow quilt makers understand the hours of cutting, creativity, and troubleshooting that go into the creation of a quilt. We have a few ideas for the presentation of your quilt to make the gifting as special as the making. Follow along to hear Karla and Janessa’s quilter tips and tricks for gifting, storing, labeling, and wrapping your quilts.



A ribbon alone is a perfect way to wrap a quilt because it’s so beautiful you don’t need wrapping paper. We love to add an ornament or some faux foliage in with the ribbon’s bow for extra holiday cheer and personalization. 


Ways to Wrap a Quilt

  • Fold the quilt and add a ribbon

  • Roll the quilt and add a ribbon

  • Use a decorative gift box

  • Cotton bag/muslin bag 

    • (a pillowcase works great, too!)

  • Create a quilted quilt bag 


This fun pattern was designed by A Spoonful of Sugar ( as a mini, eco-friendly gift bag; these little gift pouches can be used to store a variety of items. They have a cleverly shaped base so that they can stand up by themselves and are perfect for stowing small items or used as a fabric alternative to gift wrap. The mini drawstring bag can be constructed in around an hour using this beginner-friendly pdf pattern. 



Measure two lengths of ribbon from top to bottom AND side to side against the shape of your folded quilt to get the perfect length every time. Janessa also offers us the warning to be prepared for glitter everywhere if you choose a sparkly ribbon like she did last year! 


A quilt label should be customized to your needs and what you’d like the quilt recipient to think of when they snuggle that quilt. You could customize the label with the recipient's name. A heartfelt “to and from” gift tag is another great option for your quilt label. One thing Karla always recommends is including the year the quilt was made. She also advises that you take photos of every quilt and catalog them so you can look back at your work to appreciate your growth and creativity. 


Here are some ideas for your next quilt labels:

  • Purchase premade or custom labels (on Etsy or at your local craft store)

  • Use 45mm archival ink Pigma pens to create your labels (pink & black)

  • Embroider your own labels 


Janessa’s grandmother-in-law is known for making a quilt for each of her many grandchildren. So, Janessa compiled photos of each grandchild with their quilt and made a book of the photos accompanied by notes of love and appreciation for their quilts.


A care tag helps the quilt recipient understand the amount of love, effort and time that went into making the quilt, and tells your recipients how to best take care of and use the quilt. 






A quilt is an artifact of loving creative expression. To help your recipient extend the life of their quilt, we recommend including storage instructions on the care card with your quilted gift. It’s best to store quilts in breathable fabric which means no plastic bags or storage bins, please!! Below are our top three favorite ways to store a quilt to preserve its longevity. 


  • Pillowcase

  • Cotton bag or muslin bag

  • Quilted quilt bag


We  hope you got a little inspiration and a lot of excitement for this holiday season. Tag us on social media to show off the cute ways you wrapped your quilts. We can’t wait to see them!


Happy Holidays, 


The Grace Family

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