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Home-Based Quilter, That’s You!

The Home-Based Quilter by Grace Company began as an effort to dive deeper into the needs of quilters to provide valuable workshops, community forums, and product recommendations to enhance their quilting experience. It became a journey of discovering our audience and how their quilting reflects love in every stitch.

“We aren’t perfect, we were never meant to be, and we never plan to be, we are a family-owned company of quilters, and we are our own kind of creative.” - Grace Company

The Shift - The Impact of COVID 

Watch how the impact of COVID became the catalyst in the creation of the Home-Based Quilter initiative and numerous other online quilting events like Tuesday with Grace, The Grace Co Shopping Show, Spring Fling Quilt Festival, Fantastic Fall Quilt Festival, Jolly Holiday, Quilt Summer Camp, and more.


The Home-Based Quilter Stories 

We tell our stories stitch by stitch, block by block. Each quilter has a unique origin story in the world of quilting, and we want to hear them all. These stories are the sashing that connects our Home-Based Quilter community. We invite you to share your unique quilting journey with us.


The Home-Based Quilter Community 

The HBQ Community is a space where Home-Based Quilters meet to elevate and foster their shared passion. Join the HBQ community for daily updates, tips, workshops, exclusive markets, friendships, and more!


The Grace Company 

Over the past 35 years, The Grace Company has taken innovation and invention to entirely new levels with its commitment to integrating the worlds of quilting and technology. The results have been products that have not only revolutionized the industry but also given those with a love of quilting the ability to create masterpieces almost beyond belief. 

With their commitment to customer service and always being willing to take a concept and develop it into yet another product to satisfy their customers, The Grace Company has started a tradition of excellence that has no end in sight.

Our team has grown to love this project because of the incredible members of this quilting community. Quilters are creative, and we want to support that drive to create in every way we can. Grace Company strives to bring every Home-Based quilter the workshops, tools, resources, and supportive community to enrich their quilting journey. 

We hope to see you in the Community. 
The Grace Family



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