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Q’nique 16X Series Quilting Machines

Q’nique 16X Series Quilting Machines 

Grace Company is proud to introduce a new series of quilting machines to elevate the quilting community. The Q’nique 16X Series continues the innovations of the latest Q’nique X-series machines in a smaller, user-friendly machine. The Q’nique 16X Series includes three impressive machines: 16X Manual, 16X, and the 16X Elite.


The Grace Company’s recent announcements of its X-Series quilting machines, beginning

with the Q’nique 21X Elite and 19X Elite, introduce cutting-edge features such as an

improved bobbin estimator and a patented edge warning system. These features make it easier to complete projects big and small, especially when used with the newest addition to

the lineup. 


Q’nique 16X Elite

The Q’nique 16X Elite headlines these new additions.


Using the same 7” touch display as its larger Elite counterparts, the 16X Elite provides intuitive controls to access your quilting modes and manage tools like the bobbin estimator and patented edge warning. Additionally, new LED lights were installed on the top of the machine’s throat and

inside the bobbin area, make it easier than ever to see your fabric and thread in detail.

A powerful motor capable of 2,000 stitches per minute and 16” of throat space make it

comfortable to complete any size project.




Q’nique 16X

The Q’nique 16X is the next entry in the lineup. 

The Q’nique 16X machine comes with a preinstalled 2.4” touchscreen display which includes the same quilting modes as the Q’nique 16X Elite and offers the same benefit as the patented edge warning system. The motor can run up to 1,700 stitches per minute so that you can complete projects quickly. The machine also includes the same lights in the throat and bobbin area to

make it easier to see your work in progress.


Q’nique 16X Manual

The Q’nique 16X Manual rounds out the series. 

This manual-mode-only machine includes a light-up speed gauge in place of a display and provides a cost-effective entry point to longarm quilting. When the quilter is ready to upgrade to a machine with regulated stitching, an upgrade kit is available, which the quilter can use to convert this machine to a Q’nique 16X in minutes.




“The goal was to help quilters have an elevated quilting experience that won’t be intimidating,”

says Cody Wayment, head of mechanical engineering at The Grace Company. “A machine

that they are comfortable with and that looks and feels like it belongs in their home. The

Q’nique 16X Series machines truly are the mid-arm machines that will elevate quilting for the

home-based quilter.”


Watch this video from our YouTube channel to se the full product reveal of the Q’nique 16X line!


Happy quilting,  


The Grace Family

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