Q'nique 16X Elite Quilting Machine

$5,399.00 $6,499.95

Q'nique 16X Elite Quilting Machine

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This machine comes fully equipped with the tools you need in a user-friendly package to create the ultimate quilting experience.

Enjoy new features such as:

  • 16" of throat space

  • Increased lighting in the machine throat and bobbin area

  • User-friendly 7" touchscreen display with included help guides

  • Regulated stitching with four stitching modes

  • Patented Edge Warning™ system to help keep your stitches where you want them

  • New bobbin estimator

  • 2,100 stitches per minute

  • Ergonomic handles with simplified two-button layout

  • Redesigned bobbin winder with fill sensors

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$5,399.00 $6,499.95

Part of the Q'nique 16X Series

Product Features

  • Stitch Modes
  • Manual, Cruise, Precise, Baste
  • Block Size
  • Up to 14"
  • Block size can vary a little depending on the size of your quilting project. This is standard in all frame quilting due to the back rail of the frame you choose to use. Pro Tip - Fabric will still build up in the back of the machine throat, so try to account for that on the front of your quilt design.
  • Stitch Speed
  • 2,100 Stitches Per Minute
  • Screen Type
  • 7" user-friendly touchscreen display with settings, help guides, and more.
  • Edge Warning
  • Yes, the 16X Elite has Edge Warning. Edge warning is a patented feature that lets you set a safe area that will remind you when you are getting close to an area that is not able to be quilted. Quilters often are enthralled in creating their master pieces and forget that the machine, no matter which one only has so much workspace in the throat and frame area. Use Edge Warning to remind you so you can keep your designs nice!
  • Bobbin Estimator
  • Yes, there is a built in bobbin estimator on this machine. It is nice to have a good estimate on the bobbin left so you can plan the next section of quilting you will be doing.

What is the right frame to pair with your 16X Elite?

Now, we offer other frame options than the 3 below but these are our top recommendations for you and your 16X Elite. Really though, there are no bad frame options for you!
  • Q-Zone Hoop Frame

    Q-Zone Hoop Frame

    This hoop frame will offer you a great start, if you are tight on space in your quilting room then this is the fit. It is a single track frame and because it is a hoop you can do any size quilt in your space.
  • Q-Zone Queen Frame

    Q-Zone Queen Frame

    The first rolling frame we recommend. At 8ft in length this will get you rolling on most projects out there. It is a sturdy and economical option for the quilter with dedicated space or getting serious about dedicating space. 
  • Quilters Evolution Hoop Frame

    Quilters Evolution Hoop Frame

    If you like to think ahead than think no farther! This is our top of the line hoop frame that offers a robust upgrade path into a rolling frame. Start with our sturdiest frame line if you are looking to save space now, but grow into a bigger frame later.

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