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Spring Fling Quilt Festival: 2023 Keynote Speakers


The Spring Fling Quilt Festival comes around once a year to bring us springtime quilt cheer. To attend the 2023  free online quilt festival, join us here on April 6th, 7th, 13th, and 14th from 11:00AM to 3:00PM (MST).+ As if the games and giveaways weren’t enough, we have some exciting keynote speakers headlining this year’s workshop lineup. 

How to Personalize a Memory Quilt with Julia Graves

APRIL 7th  at 11:30AM (MDT)

Join our Keynote Speaker, Julia Graves, for her lecture on memory and personalizing quilts! 



I am Julia Graves, and I have been sewing since I was ten. I have always loved fabric and sewing and needle arts in general and the whole creative process!  I did my apprenticeship as a quilter by making a quilt for each of my nieces and nephews. They got to choose their colors, so I greatly expanded my repertoire of color schemes! 

Since then, I have made many quilts for special people, incorporating various ways to let them know how much they were cared for.  I especially enjoy color and incorporate information on color into as many classes as possible.  A highlight of my career so far has been as Artist in Residence at Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar, CA, in 2019, and teaching there in 2022.  

Learn more about Julia by visiting her website HERE.



From Concept to Quilt with Tina Curran

APRIL 13th at 11:30AM (MDT)


Here’s what Tina has to say about her workshop, “As a quilt pattern designer, I am often asked if my designs come to me fully formed. The answer, of course, is “No.” The goal of this lecture is to demystify the design process I use by breaking it down into its elements. I'll provide many examples of the design & execution challenges I've faced and my solutions to overcome them. My hope with this lecture is to inspire other quilters to design their own quilts.”



As a lifelong sewer, I took to quilting quickly. One of the great thrills with this art form is that my options are as infinite as those of a painter working on canvas -- landscapes, portraits, geometric patterns, abstract impressions, etc. I enjoy both the deep American roots of traditional quilting and the unlimited possibilities today's art quilts present.  My art quilts have been on display in multiple art shows and quilt shows as well as in national quilt magazines and in three books. My greatest learning has come in the over 10,000 hours I’ve spent making more than 125 art quilts to date. And it’s exciting to realize that there seems to be no end to this learning curve. 

Learn more about Tina by visiting her site HERE

We look forward to seeing you at the festival to celebrate the ways quilting has touched our past, present, and future! 


See you there, 

The Grace Family

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