TrueCut 360° Circle Cutter

Cutting curves and circles is a breeze with the TrueCut 360°! The innovative design makes it simple to use, and prevents the fabric from bunching or wrinkling as you cut.

The TrueCut 360° is easy to adjust and use, and has been designed with the highest quality to cut precise circles from 2 to 12 inches
TrueCut 360° Circle Cutter

TrueCut 360° Cutter Demo

TrueCut 360° Features

  • Easily Adjusted

    Easily Adjusted

    The cutter can be adjusted to cut circles from 2 to 12 inches and includes precise ruler markings.
  • Built-in Fabric Press

    Built-in Fabric Press

    The fabric press design of the cutter smooths fabric to eliminate bunching or shifting while cutting.

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