The Cutie Breeze is a frame designed to let you frame quilt where you want. Designed to be stored in a matter of minutes, and light enough you can carry it! The Cutie Breeze works like a standard hoop and allows you to make any size quilt your heart desires.

Product Reviews

  1. shannon mcmaster
    shannon mcmaster 31-Oct,05:46 AM

    I love the Cutie Breeze! Grace listened to all of the challenges we had with the original cutie and applied them. I love the bobbin, pin and scissor holder at the top of the handles,

  2. Jan Farrow
    Jan Farrow 10-Nov,14:14 PM

    The Cutie Breeze frame is an wonderful product for the home based quilter. It offers the opportunity to do edge to edge designs using free motion quilting or ,with the addition of a laser, using pantographs to accomplish the edge to edge look. This is all accomplished with a domestic machine on a hoop frame. The instructions with the Breeze clearly help the user set up the frame quickly and teach the user how to use zones to quilt any size quilt. You can't go wrong with this frame or other Grace products. They stand behind their products and offer excellent customer support. Happy Quilting!

  3. Astrid Montes
    Astrid Montes 24-Oct,04:50 AM

    This frame is a game changer when you have limited space. It is very easy to set up with step by step instructions. It gives you a bigger area to quilt without having to fight with your quilt. It helps if your domestic machine has a big throat, opening the possibilities of creating a well quilted piece. It is important to give yourself time to play and find the sweet spot in which your stitches and tension are working together to create your masterpiece. I will recommend this product to anyone that want to explore quilting on a frame!

  4. natasha_wilde
    Natasha Wilde 21-Oct,14:07 PM

    This frame is really great - easy to set up and store, easy to operate and easy to move quilt around. There is, of course, a learning curve to tabletop quilting - start small with meanders and loops then progress - try drawing the motifs first too. Fixing tension and getting speed right will take time - don't give up. This frame is a way to be able to quilt larger areas without investing money or space into a longarm and large frame. The clips to hold the quilt are tight at first but I assume they will loosen up over time. They do rachet on the square poles so that is nice to do little adjustments. Practice, practice, practice. Don't give up after one or two tries. Join the facebook group Cutie Quilters and they will give you lots of advice and tips too. Highly recommend this frame if you want to take the next step into tabletop quilting.

  5. michelle_striegel
    Michelle Striegel 27-Nov,12:11 PM

    I LOVE my Cutie Breeze frame. I had never used a frame before so I was worried about learning how to quilt on a frame but this is so easy. I was able to put the frame together in about 2 hours by myself. I am so thrilled with how easy my machine moves on this frame. The motion is soo smooth regardless of if you are going side to side or front to back. I cannot wait to quilt all of those tops that have been piling up in my sewing room.

  6. Chris Marchini
    Chris Marchini 27-Oct,12:57 PM

    I also have an original Cutie frame, this one was much easier to setup! I like the size and sturdiness of the frame.

  7. Katelyn Bowen
    Katelyn Bowen 06-Nov,10:27 AM

    I absolutely love this frame. It is a major step up to the stationary machine quilt rolling System/setup I was using. It was easy to put together. My machine glides nicely and is easy to move around while quilting. It is a game changer for my personal craft room. I easily caught up on all my lonely quilt tops waiting for attention. I can't wait to finish more quilt tops so I can hop back on this frame!

  8. Heather Bair
    Heather Bair 28-Oct,10:31 AM

    I recently came into quilting from bag making and after wrestling a king sized quilt through my machine, I decided I needed a frame of some sort. I'd never done any FMQ etc, so it was all new to me. The whole process from order, to setup, through initial use, and putting it away was so much easier than I'd anticipated. The included training panel really facilitated a lot of that. I now feel confident I can quilt any sized project with my Cutie Breeze and my domestic straight stitch machine with a 9" throat. And if I have a question, I know there's a wonderful community that I can either search through or ask about the issue that I'm having and so many wonderful quilters will have suggestions. It feels like if you buy a Grace product you really are becoming part of the family :)

  9. Denise Heckman
    Denise Heckman 24-Oct,11:08 AM

    The Cutie Breeze is a wonderful tabletop quilting frame that will allow you to complete your projects your home sewing machine or quilting machine and that will save you money. No longer will you have to send your quilts somewhere to be quilted. The Breeze is easy to set up and use. I highly recommend that you consider getting it if you want to complete your projects by yourself. Happy Quilting.

  10. karilyn_pittman
    Karilyn Pittman 24-Oct,06:48 AM

    I recently purchased a Cutie Breeze frame. It was fairly easy to assemble. It did require me to get help from my husband but that’s not a problem as he is very supportive of my quilting addiction! My machine fits well on the frame and everything feels secure and stable. The accessories included with the Breeze are very good, although I did have to purchase a few more accessories after using the Breeze for a few weeks, such as the speed control, leader cloths and the bungee clamps. These items helped my significantly. I am new to using a frame so there was a learning curve however there are online videos and tutorials which helped me. The one and only negative I can see are the gray “C” clamps on the back take up bar. They encroached on my quilting space too much. I do not use them with my machine. They are a clever design and are easy to use however my harp space is limited so I choose not to use them. I’m sure they would work better with a larger quilting machine. I like the fact that the Breeze will work with a variety of sewing and quilting machines. This will allow me to consider upgrading to a larger quilting machine sometime in the future. I have contacted customer service for a few questions and issues and they have always been helpful, knowledgeable and professional with their help. If you are considering a table top quilting frame, I would recommend a Cutie Breeze frame. In the long run, it will save me time and money that I would have spent with using a long arm service.

  11. Gwyn Rossi
    Gwyn Rossi 25-Oct,12:05 PM

    My Cutie Breeze was my 1st experience with hooped/ tabletop quilting frame. It was easy to assemble on my own and took 2 ½ hours-I'm not fast. The frame is designed to assemble easily with only an Allen wrench, provided. Free motion quilting is really fun- but I'm also adding the QCT automation! I was brand new to FMQ/frames but this experience has me hooked. It is a game changer for getting your quilts quilted the way you want!

  12. Debbie Larsen
    Debbie Larsen 24-Oct,12:12 PM

    The Cutie Breeze was my first experience with a tabletop quilting frame. Even so, I found it very easy to assemble on my own in less than an hour. The frame is designed to assemble easily, predominately with thumbscrews. The only tool required is an Allen wrench, provided with the frame. The frame is compatible with traditional sewing machines & longarm machines with throat space measuring 9" to 19". Free motion quilting is really fun & you can get fancy and do complex ruler work too! You can quilt any size quilt yourself at home, which will save a lot of money in long-arming fees. The frame can be partially disassembled & stored in a closet or under a bed if you don't have space to keep it set up in your sewing space.. It truly is a game changer for getting your quilts done, without waiting weeks or months for a longarmer to do it for you.

  13. Deidra Powell
    Deidra Powell 26-Oct,17:10 PM

    I have wanted a long arm for some time. I quilt on my embroidery machine but larger quilts are a bear or tops wait (ufo pile). This was easy to put together. I did it by myself and it did take about 2.5 hours but I read and reread I used both a bernina 570 and a Janome 15000 to fmq. The 570 worked but doesn’t give much space. The Janome gave more space and to me was easier to use. I LOVE I can finish quilts on my own! I agree the coil clips get in the way and are cumbersome but you can use other methods. This was not as big an issue on the bigger throat space. Grace co has been great and very helpful answering questions. I highly recommend the product. The front and back handles are great. Great product even for newer fmq users like me!

  14. Lorena Ryan
    Lorena Ryan 10-Nov,10:02 AM

    Is is a great frame for those who have limited space for a frame. It is easy to set up from box to ready to quilt in an hour. Well packed and everything you need is in the box and labeled. Instructions are easy to follow. The Grace company is wonderful and will gladly answer any questions you might have. I love the handle setup so you are able to quilt from front or the back. They added a nice storage space to hold scissors ,bobbins or whatever on top of the handle bars. Depending on your machine you have about 19 inches by 42 inches to quilt. If you are looking for a frame that doesn’t require much space this is the frame to buy. You can quilt sitting or standing. I had never used a frame before but it is much fast than the way I used to quilt pushing my fabric on my domestic machine. I think you will love it.

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