The Perfect Next Step For Any Q-Zone Queen Owner!

The Q-Zone Queen Pro Upgrade extends your frame from 8ft to 10ft, giving you more space to create the quilts you want. 

Also included with the Pro Upgrade:

  • Table inserts for a better work surface 
  • New, larger rails to keep your frame strong and your fabric secure
  • A fourth leg for added stability
  • Precision cloth leaders and new, larger fabric clips to keep you in control of your fabric

Enhance your quilting experience without the cost of buying an entire new frame.

Help your Q-Zone Queen frame reach its full potential so that you can acheive yours.

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Your Price: $899.95

Package Includes

  • 2' Extension
  • Upgraded Rails
  • Table Insert Accessory
  • Quilt Clips
Brand: Grace
Manufactured by: The Grace Company
Category: Quilting Accessories
Model: QZF-01-17451
Condition: New
UPC: 636343
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