Thanks for your interest in the Qnique 19 machine.  We no longer are offering this option.  For details on the newer version of this machine please see the Qnique 19X.

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Q'nique Quilter 19: The new long-arm quilting machine

A long-arm machine that bridges the gap between the comfort fo shortarms, and the features of professional long-arm machines, for the quilting enthusiast. 

The Q'nique Quilter 19 has a 19-inch throat space to accommodate large patterns and blocks. It is compatible with many different quilting frames, including our Q-Zone Hoop-Frame. The 19 is also compatible with Quilter’s Creative Touch Software, bringing the possibility of a computer automated quilting system in your own home.

A built-in stitch regulator keeps the stitch-length beautifully consistent, and controls the stitching speed to match faster or slower movements of the quilting machine. This machine can operate at a stitching rate of 2000 stitches per minute. All the main settings can be controlled from the handles by using six quick-access buttons. A clear, full-color touch-screen display on the front of the machine keeps every setting easily visible. The handles can also be adjusted to allow for ultra precision control of your stitching.

The Q'nique Quilter 19 has all the features you'd expect from a professional long-arm, without sacrificing the comfort and feel of a smaller domestic machine. This long-arm quilting machine combined with the skill and creativity of a modern quilter is sure to result in beautiful and satisfying products for the home or business.

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Video resources

  • Changing the Bobbin on Q'nique 19
    48:08 | Oct 8, 2020
  • Threading the Q'nique 19
    48:08 | Oct 8, 2020
  • Changing the needle on the Qnique 19
    48:08 | Oct 8, 2020
  • Timing the Q'nique 19
    48:08 | Oct 8, 2020

Product Reviews

  1. Laureen Penev 16-Apr,10:22 AM

    I recently bought this machine and LOVE it! I was a little nervous to purchase as there were no reviews on the Qnique 19readily available anywhere, so I decided to write one for those shopping for a domestic use long arm. I also purchased the Qzone hoop frame, I am very happy with my decision. The machine AND the frame were easy to set up and the machine is very user friendly. I highly recommend both! GO FOR IT! :)

  2. Carla Caslake
    Carla Caslake 18-Oct,07:30 AM

    I just purchased the machine and the QCT5 Pro a couple weeks ago. I was only able to play with it a couple of times before leaving on vacation. It seems to have good stitch quality so far. I just now found some reviews of the machine on Amazon and am a little worried as the reviews were not good. I'm hoping for the best because I spent a lot of money for all of this. I put it on the Q-zone Hoop Frame I already owned so luckily didn't need to purchase a new frame! I will update this review after I've had more time to try it out. I would have kept my HQ Sweet Sixteen but with the automation I had to have cruise and regulated stitch on it which the S16 doesn't have. Many of the reviews stated they couldn't get any help from Grace customer service, I'm hoping that is not true, especially with a name like "Grace!"

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This model has been an amazing addition to the Grace Family. While we still support its parts and warrentees, it has stepped aside for it's successor:
The Q'nique 19X Elite

Qnique 19 compatable accessories will remain available for purchase.

We continue to honor and fully support services and warranties for the Qnique 19.

The Qnique 19 may still be purchased from a Q'nique dealer. Find a dealer near you.

Brand: Q'nique
Manufactured by: The Grace Company
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