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How to Personalize a Rotary Cutter

The My Comfort Cutter™ is a top-of-the-line ergonomic rotary cutter. Its comfort curve grip is specially designed to make rotary cutting easier, safer, and more accurate. Seasoned fabric cutters will appreciate how the handle reduces stress on the wrist and arm, and everyone from beginners to advanced fabric cutters loves the "track-and-guide" for straight cuts every time!


Customize your My Comfort Cutter™ by designing the handle with your own designs, photos, or fabric. 

“I am a huge fan of the 'My Comfort' rotary cutter line. Initially, I wondered how well I would like them, considering the shape of the handle. They really do reduce strain on your arm and hands. I also have found that because of where the weight is centered when you are cutting, you are less inclined to make cutting mistakes due to shifting, etc. I also love getting to personalize the handle as I attend crops/classes, and tools are always getting passed around. Overall, an excellent tool, and I've since invested in all three sizes.” – GroovyOCGal


                                                                                                SHOP ALL TRUECUT CUTTER SIZES 



A handle insert template is included in the handle of your cutter so you can personalize your tool with your own designs, photos, or fabric. 


Two sides mean double the possibilities.


To change your template, remove the handle cover by pushing in and lifting up on the clear tab, as demonstrated in the image below. 




                                                                                                 [CLICK TO PRINT]


                                                                                                         [GET MY TRUECUT CUTTER]


We love seeing how you personalize your My Comfort Cutter™. Please tag us on social media (@gracecompanyquilting) to show off your designs!


Happy quilting, 


The Grace Family  

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