The Little Rebel is an all in one quilting and sewing machine like no other. This machine allows you to do all of your piecing with the sewing feet and feed dogs. When you are ready to finish your project, you can change over to quilting in less than a minute. All you have to do is slide the quilting plate on and change the sewing foot to the quilting foot. Even better is you can free motion your way either on a frame or sit down with the included quitling extension base.  Tackle any project with confidence!

Enjoy features such as:

  • 13" of throat length
  • 8.5" of throat height
  • Built in stitch regulation
  • Easily swap from sewing to quilting modes
  • Throat, needle, and bobbin lighting
  • Powerful motor with stitch speeds up to 1600 stitches per minute
  • Ability to handle almost any type of facbric
  • M-Class bobbin
  • And more!

To make this all possible we give you everything you need to get started:

  • Little Rebel machine
  • Foot Pedal
  • Stitch Control Box (For mounting on handles)
  • Sewing foot
  • Quilting foot
  • Quilting Plate
  • Size 14 and 16 MR needles (10 each)
  • Needle threading tool
  • Machine oil
  • And more!



Item Quantity
Little Rebel Ruler Base 1
Bobbins 2
Groz Beckert Set of 10 Needles 14MR-90 1
Groz Beckert Set of 10 Needles 16MR-100 1
Groz Beckert Set of 10 Needles 18MR-110 1
Finesse - Solid Colors - 4 pack 1
Quilt Perfect Ruler Kit 1

Product Reviews

  1. Bonnie Kempke
    Bonnie Kempke 12-Feb,23:19 PM

    I love the Little Rebel on the Cutie Breeze frame!! This combination is literally musical. The Little Rebel is so easy to use on the Cutie Breeze. The change from sewing configuration to quilting configuration is quick and simple. The power of the Little Rebel is really apparent in the amazing stitches both when configured as a sewing machine as well as when configured as a quilting machine.

  2. Karin Hanson
    Karin Hanson 22-Dec,02:40 AM

    I love how easy it is to sew, I have not been able to get it into quilt mode yet but will try again today, went through all steps not sure what is wrong

  3. Alex Theodossis 24-Feb,08:11 AM

    I am a juki junkie lol for many many years. I had heard good things about Grace, and decided to get this machine with the tabletop frame. A friend of mine has a 21 Elite, and he has let me play around with his set up. The machine is really nice, very solid results. The stitches are nice, the encoder does a good job keeping up, and using the Grace thread line, tension was easy to set up after some trial and error. I run a very limited trial at regular sewing mode, I would honestly say mixed results, but to be fair, I only use industrial machines for creating my blocks, so most likely very biased. Either way, hands down as a quilter on a frame, it is amazing. This is my secondary set up, since I have the Juki miyabi on a 10 ft frame already, but the Grace machines definitely deserve praise, and overall the staff is extremely helpful. I wish I had the space to get their 21 elite, but for now this has to wait, I just don't have the space.

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